Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Linear Complete Fixtures

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Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Linear Complete Fixture is developed after years of research and development together with experts in the fields of lighting, biology, and physics.

The fixture with 396W consumption and 1080 μmol output is the most powerful passively cooled fixture on the market! With this output it is able to fully replace a 600W 400V EL HID system while saving more than 33% of energy costs. The fixture is completely waterproof (IP66) and totally silent. The modules of the LED provide a beam angle of 120° to ensure a great uniformity and deep penetration of the plant and another aspect is the minimization of shadow casting.

The whole fixture is built from aluminium, which allows for great heat management and also makes the whole fixture ultra durable. Additionally, to this all cables are heat-resistant. Each of the modules houses 80 high power LEDs, protected by the non-reflective glass (light-loss is under 0.1%) which offers multiple advantages to common covers from polycarbonate or other artificial materials. The glass cover is easy to clean with regular household materials, no special cleaners are needed, without bearing the risk to damage the cover. The glass will not get scratched or go blind, as regular plastics would.

The user can either mix and match his own spectrum or even use the LED modules individually with an additional driver. This can become especially handy in vertical farming. The modularity also guarantees future updatability for the future to replace or add the modules. When more efficient LEDs become available, the modules can easily be replaced as the Gro-Lux LED always stays up to date. The fixture offers a full solution from start to finish. Simply use one fixture for all purposes and adjust it to fulfil your needs.

The "Vegetative" offers additional lighting in combination with natural sunlight. It finds its best practice in greenhouse applications for green plants. And is suitable for indoor applications to support the cultivation and growth of small plants.

The "Universal" spectrum is suitable for the use without natural sunlight and can, therefore, be used as a solitary light source for the indoor production of plants. With this option, the whole spectrum including far-red is covered. The "Universal" spectrum provides a small, harmless portion of UV, which has a positive impact on growth, flowering, and quality of the plant.

The modularity of the system lets to mix those two spectra, for example, achieve a denser growth of the plants with the "Vegetative" spectrum while profiting from all the mentioned benefits of the "Universal" spectrum.

  • Replaces 600W 400V EL HID

  • Save 33% of energy

  • Two Spectrums - Vegetative or Universal

  • Made of quality and durable aluminium

  • Totally waterproof - IP66

  • Gore-Tex® plugs

  • Heat resistant cables

  • Passive cooling - Noiseless

  • Beam angle 120°

  • One bar: 80 high power LEDs

  • Non-reflective glass

  • Light-loss is under 0.1%

  • Easy to mount play and clean

Variant Power Input Voltage Luminous flux PPF PPE Lifespan Beam Angle Power per single Module Power factor Voltage per single Module Dimming Cooling Dimensions of housing Frequency Dimensions of single module Illumination area IP Rating Noise level Material Weight ID Vendor ID Price
x6 Universal 396 W 230 V 24 000 lm 900 μmol/s 15 μmol/J 50 000 h 120° - 1 - Yes Passive 760 x 415 x 169 mm (LxWxH) DC 970 x 38,4 x 24,4 mm (LxWxH) 1,2 x 1,2 m IP66 Noiseless Aluminium 11,3 kg CVG03352 1 250,00 €
x4 Vegetative 236 W 230 V 7200 lm 720 μmol/s 12,2 μmol/J 50 000 h 120° 59 W 1 42 V Yes Passive 760 x 415 x 169 mm (LxWxH) DC 970 x 38,4 x 24,4 mm (LxWxH) 0,8 x 0,8 m IP66 Noiseless Aluminium 9,2 kg CVG03353 950,00 €
x4 Universal 264 W 230 V 16 000 lm 600 μmol/s 10 μmol/J 50 000 h 120° 66 W 1 47 V Yes Passive 760 x 415 x 169 mm (LxWxH) DC 970 x 38,4 x 24,4 mm (LxWxH) 0,8 x 0,8 m IP66 Noiseless Aluminium 9,2 kg CVG03354 950,00 €
x6 Vegetative 354 W 230 V 10 800 lm 1080 µmol/s 18,4 μmol/J 50 000 h 120° 59 W 1 42 V Yes Passive 760 x 415 x 169 mm (LxWxH) DC 970 x 38,4 x 24,4 mm (LxWxH) 1,2 x 1,2 m IP66 Noiseless Aluminium 11,3 kg CVG03355 1 250,00 €