About us

Corpus Verde OÜ is a company specialised in supplying high quality plant growing equipment, fertilisers, substrates and other necessary gardening essentials focused on indoor and greenhouse application. Our principle is to provide a selection of products from well established brands, which have proved its quality and sustainability among the great and passionate gardeners worldwide. 

We desire to provide the clients a fluent, quick and comfortable service and economic delivery. Our professional team will support you with help based on a valuable long-term experience and knowledge of gardening and its technologies. Our convenient platform will lead you through the secure and handy purchase process.

We are currently servicing business partners only. Unfortunately, we do not deliver currently to hobby gardeners, but you can find the products in good equipped grow-shops all over Europe. Feel free to contact us, we could lead you to some trusted shop nearby you. If you are not yet a gardener, we can recommend for you to become one. This will bring a lot happiness and peace into your life and for sure our world is in a big need for more green thinkers and fingers, rather than butchers.

Corpus Verde OÜ
Narva mnt 5
10117 Tallinn
+49 3022957123
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