When growing plants in a grow tent, the ventilation becomes an absolute necessity to provide a stable climate- to evacuate humidity and the excess heat generated by lamps and to replace it with new fresh air. The air temperature plays important role in the photosynthesis and plant overall development. The photosynthesis promotes the best at 25°C and drops significantly if temperatures rise above 28°C or the temperatures get cooler than the required minimum 18°C. The optimum temperature is the key to successful yield.. 

How to choose the right ventilator to cover your needs?

You need to know, how big is your "active growing area" covered by lights! You can use the formula given below. The result number will show you the minimum m3 of air needed to be replaced per hour in your active growing area. Please note that, the use of the odour neutralising carbon filter will lower the air-flow approx. 30-50%. Do not forget to add it to your final calculated volume result. We recommend to choose the ventilation twice as powerful as the calculation results. For the best results the speed of the ventilator should be regulated by a temperature controller, so that the system runs on a 50% of its power to reach the optimal airflow. Therefore you have the possibility to regulate the elevated temperature down if the need is there.

HPS: (LxWxH) x 150 min = x m3/h

LED: (LxWxH) x 70 min = x m3/h