Philips GreenPower LED flowering bulbs 2.0

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Product ID: CVG01076

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Philips GreenPower LED flowering lamp 2.0 provides a proven technology to cut the energy usage by up to 90% versus incandescent lamps and big energy savings versus halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) – and boosts crop results. Available in two versions: one to prevent budding and one to promote elongation and flowering. It provides the optimum spectrum and high light output. The lamps have a standard E27 fitting so they can be used in existing incandescent installation without any modifications.

  • Safe and light sturdy plastic, no glass

  • Big energy savings compared to halogen and fluorescent (CFL)

  • Save up to 90% of energy compared to incandescent lamps

  • Boost crop results

  • Effective on: cut flowers, bedding plants, perennials, strawberries

  • Easy to set up

  • Fits to regular incandescent installations

  • Suitable for damp and wet locations

  • Protection class IP44

Type Power Input Voltage Cap/Base Colour PPF PPE Lifespan (10% failures) Bulb material Features ID Vendor ID Price
DR/W/FR 11 W 120-230 V E27 Deep Red/ White /Far Red 20 µmol/s 1,8 µmol/Joule 25 000 plastic Ideal for photoperiodic lighting of bedding and perennials. It can extend the day or interrupt the night cycle to promote elongation of the stems of strawberries and stimulate flowering. CVG01076 58,00 €
DR/W 13 W 120-230 V E27 Deep Red/White 25 µmol/s 1,9 µmol/Joule 25 000 plastic Inhibits flowering of short-day plants, and has for example been very effective in chrysanthemums. CVG01077 58,00 €