Philips MASTER GreenPower bulbs

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Philips MASTER GreenPower is a HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp with clear outer bulb, with an optimised growth-light output and maintenance, suitable for flowering phase. PS! Delivery time for 1000W EL DE model can take up to 5-8 weeks.

Model TypeDimmingOperating positionPower (W)Input Voltage (V)Voltage nom. (V)Current (A)Energy efficiencyEnergy Consumption (kWh/1000 h)Colour temperature (K)Luminous flux (lm)Luminous efficacy (lm/W)Lifetime to 5% failures (h)Lifetime to 50% failures (h)Max. ignition time (s)Re-ignition time (s)Run-up time max. 90% (min)Bulb temperature max. (°C)Cap/Base temperature max. (°C)Cap/baseBulb finishø Diameter (mm)Light centre length (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Mercury content (mg)
Philips MASTER GreenPower 250W 230V CGYesuniversal2672301142,8A+293200033 300124,716 00032 000101205450250E40clear471582570,17515
Philips MASTER GreenPower 400W 230V CGYesuniversal4302301264,0A+473200058 50013618 00030 00010605450250E40clear471752830,18020
Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W 230V CGYesuniversal6182301305,45A++680200088 000142,4950032 00010605450250E40clear471552830,18230
Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W 400V EMYesuniversal6084001903,64A++669200085 55014212 00020 00010605450250E40clear471642830,17942
Philips MASTER GreenPower 600W 400V ELYesuniversal6084002283,64A++669200085 55014212 00018 00010605450250E40clear471862830,17942
Philips MASTER GreenPower Plus 1000W 400V EL DEYeshorizontal10004002504A++11162000143 000141500015 00030030010700-K12 x 30sclear33,51473940,111