Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 LED

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HELLION VS3 LED - New Variable Spectrum LEDs by Adjust-A-Wings

Finally Adjust-A-Wings is adding four cutting-edge LED fixtures to their HELLION lighting range. Featuring the very latest LED and multi-driver technologies, the HELLION VS3 LEDs represent a whole new level of horticultural light quality, system efficiency, spectral adjustability, and canopy penetration power. Enjoy enhanced plant control, more branching, denser flowers, and off-the-chart terpenes—all while saving on power!


All Hellion VS3 LED fixtures incorporate 3K + 5K white diodes with 660nm Reds to produce a rich baseline full spectrum. Other “full spectrum” LEDs often use just one white diode type mixed with 660nm Reds and stop there.

Adjust-A-Wings is combining the rich base (3K + 5K + 660nm) with Far-Red and UV-A diodes delivers a superior quality light, driving increased levels of photosynthesis and promoting higher quality crops.


All Hellion VS3 LEDs offer growers a revolutionary new level of photomorphogenic control. With separate dimming for veg, bloom and UV, it’s easy to dial in the perfect spectrum for compact and vigorous vegetative growth, reducing stretch during transition, and piling on weight plus colour and flavour in bloom.

Most LED fixtures cut costs by using one single driver to run the entire fixture, inevitably compromising efficiency. The Hellion VS3 LEDs combine THREE separate drivers dedicated to VEG, BLOOM and UV diodes, allowing new levels of system efficiency. Find your favourite mix or try their suggestions:

  • Gradually increase the intensity of the vegetative channel as your plants develop. Some UV can help to strengthen seedlings and cuttings

  • Blue-dominant spectrum helps to keep plants squat and bushy, making them easier to illuminate efficiently during the bloom phase.



  • Combining lower bloom with higher UV and high veg can help to reduce unwanted internodal stretch. Try 20% more bloom if some stretch is desirable.

  • Increase bloom after the initial development of flowers. The extra Red and Far-Red promote branching and help to increase flower size and density.


  • Additional UV during the final few weeks can help to boost flavours, colours and essential oils. Try leaving all channels on full and raising the fixture (5 -10cm / 2 – 4″) if ceiling height permits.


Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 Touch Screen Master Controller unit
Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 Easy Controller & Branching unit

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