Philips MASTERColour CDM Elite TMW 315W bulbs
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Philips MasterColour CDM Elite TMW is a MH (metal halide) bulb with a medium power that gives a superior, longer-lasting white light for both indoor and outdoor use.

GreenPower is perfect for using in flowering phase, it will result in more generative plants and therefore in a more stronger blooming of the plants
Daylight is perfect for using during the growth stage of the plant. Can be used in e.g cultivation of tulips, breeding young plants, mother plants and cuttings or simulate daylight in the closed rooms.

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Model Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Lamp Base/Cap Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) Colour temperature (K) Lifespan (5% failures) Lifespan (50% failures) Rated power Voltage nominal (V) Energy class Energy Consumption Dimming Operating position Bulb finish Diameter Length Ignition time maximum Reignition time Bulb temperature Cap/Base temperature Mercury content Weight ID Vendor ID Price
315W 942 315 W 230 V 4,7 A PGZX18 31 150 lm 115 lm/W 3090 K 12 500 h 30 000 h 210 W 100 V A+ 346 kWh/1000 h No universal clear 28 mm 188 mm 3 s 600 s 600 °C 250 °C 25 mg 0,124 kg CVG00835 135,70 €
315W 930 315 W 230 V 4,7 A PGZX18 38 700 lm 115 lm/W 3090 K 10 000 h 30 000 h 210 W 100 V A+ 346 kWh/1000 h No universal clear 38 mm 193 mm 3 s 600 s 350 °C 250 °C 28 mg 0,124 kg CVG00836 135,70 €