Philips MASTER HPI-T 1000W 230V bulb

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Product ID: CVG00929

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Philips MASTER HPI-T Plus is a MH (metal halide) bulb consisting of a quartz discharge tube containing high-pressure mercury and a mixture of metal halides in a hard-glass outer envelope.

Burning position horizontal +/-20° should be observed to minimise the colour differences between bulbs, which are inherent in metal halide technology. 

  • Suitable for vegetative phase

  • Clear tubular outer bulb

  • High luminous efficacy, both initially and over lifetime

  • Colour point on the black body locus gives a natural white colour appearance

  • Excellent colour stability ensures good colour uniformity over lifetime, even with spot replacements

Model Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Lamp Base/Cap Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) Colour temperature (K) Lifespan (5% failures) Lifespan (50% failures) Voltage nominal (V) Lamp Current run-up Energy class Energy Consumption Dimming Operating position Bulb finish Diameter Length Light centre length Ignition time maximum Bulb temperature Cap/Base temperature Mercury content Weight ID Vendor ID Price
1000W 985 W 230 V 8,25 A E40 85 000 lm 86 lm/W 4300 K 3000 h 8000 h 130 V 14,2 A 1084 kWh/1000 h No parallel clear 66 mm 382 mm 240 mm 30 s 555 °C 300 °C 86 mg 0,420 kg CVG00929 130,90 €