LUMATEK 650W Drivers for VF LED Range

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Product ID: CVG05894
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The Vertical Farming Range (VF Range) is an ideal Led fixture for seedlings, clones and for any low PPFD target plants.

These VF Range fixtures will require a driver and can be dimmed with a 0-10V Light Dimmer (sold separately) or externally controlled with the Digital Panel Plus 2.0 or any other Universal Controller 0-10V. Also, the daisy-chain driver connectivity is possible if you would like to add more units to your system so you can dim all fixture with a single dimmer. For large facilities, where the 3-Phase electrical supply domains, a 400V, 650W Driver is more suitable. 

  • One 650W Driver can run up to 7 units of VF90W fixtures

  • One 650W Driver can run up to 5 units of VF120W fixtures