Lumatek 230V MH bulbs

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LUMATEK range of MH (Metal Halide) pulse-start bulbs are engineered for use with Lumatek 230V electronic ballasts  or other 230V electronic ballasts and are produced using high-temperature resistant quartz arc tube technology and with specific horticultural gas blend that creates optimal spectral output for vigorous plant growth. The quartz arc tube permits the lamp to operate at high internal temperatures increasing colour rendering, output and efficiency. Pulse-start technology enables faster start up & restrike time, longer lamp life-span and increased PAR/PPF level maintenance.

  • Metal Halide Bulb (MH)

  • For flowering and also vegetative phase

  • Rated life-span: 10 000 h

  • Operating position: horisontal

  • Bulb material: Borosilicate (hard glass)

  • Arc tube material: quartz

  • Socket material: PCA

  • Socket E40

Model TypeVoltage (V)Power (W)Current (A)Colour Temperature (K)
Luminous flux (lm)
Luminous Efficiency (lm/W)
PAR (µmol/sec)
CRIRated Life (h)
Lumatek MH 250W 230V
2302503420021 000843236510 000BT63E40
Lumatek MH 400W 230V
23040044200/600040 0001005186510 000BT63
Lumatek MH 600W 230V
2306006,24200/600050 00084729
7010 000TT80
Lumatek MH 1000W 230V
23010009,5400092 0009214306510 000TT80