High-pressure fog pump 100 bar - Compact version

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              High-pressure fog pump 100 bar - compact version - For the professional Purolyt application
              in Greenhouse (fog), air humidification, mushroom cultivation, patio cooling

              Type: HJR-M
              Drive: direct, shaft
              Operating pressure: 70 bar
              Humidification capacity: 60 - 180 l/h
              Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 27 cm (LxWxH)
              Mounting type: Motor mounting bracket
              Motor: Electric motor 1~230 V, 50 Hz 0.6 kW IP55
              Plunger: 3x ceramic
              Pump speed: 1450 rpm
              Pump head: Brass
              Pump outlet: 3/8 inch IG
              Inlet connection: 3/4 inch AG
              Accessories: Low-pressure solenoid valve, glycerine manometer 0-160 bar, pressure regulator

              High-pressure mist pump for air humidification, cooling and air conditioning with mist
              High-pressure pump 100 bar in a compact design for high-pressure water atomisation with nozzles for a micro-fine and suspended mist. The compact high-pressure pump is ideal for smaller, semi-professional fog applications such as air humidification or cooling and air conditioning with fog, for example in orchid greenhouses, tropical greenhouses or mushroom cultivation. The fog pump can also be used for cooling with fog in outdoor areas such as patios or pool areas. 

              High-pressure pump for fog generation - technology in detail
              - Electric motor 230V / 50 Hz 0.6kW, 3m mains cable with earthed plug
              - Dimensions only 40 x 25 x 27 cm
              - ON / OFF switch on the motor
              - Operating pressure 50 - 70 bar, adjustable
              - Pressure regulator, pressure gauge 0-160 bar
              - Brass pump head
              - 3 wear-resistant ceramic plungers (pistons)
              - Solenoid valve on

              Depending on the version selected (1 litre, 2 litre or 3 litre), the high-pressure fog pump can be operated with up to 60 micro fog nozzles of size 0.15 mm. The design of this compact fog pump is explicitly designed for use in high-pressure fog humidification with our micro fog nozzles. The actual working pressure should be adjusted between 50 and 70 bar via the pressure regulator and we recommend selecting the fog pump so that a minimum water consumption of 60% of the pump delivery rate at the nozzles is guaranteed. The pump is not self-priming, but can be gravity-fed via a higher tank. Operation via the domestic water supply is recommended; the inlet pressure should not exceed 2.5 bar (pressure reducer).

              Drip-free misting thanks to pressure relief
              The high-pressure pump can be fitted with an optional pressure relief valve (drip-stop). This high-pressure solenoid valve relieves the pressure in the system when the pump switches off, effectively preventing the fog nozzles from dripping. This is particularly important if dripping from the fog nozzles must be avoided. If the high-pressure fog pump switches off, this valve opens and allows the excess pressure in the nozzle line to escape from the valve through a small amount of water.

              Pump control - permanent or intermittent
              In principle, this compact high-pressure pump can be operated via any control system, such as a humidity sensor, temperature sensor or time/interval control. We also offer an optional timer with adjustable mist and pause time at intervals. This control unit is supplied as standard in an IP65 housing for wall mounting and enables the fog pump to be operated either at intervals or permanently via the power supply. In "permanent" operating mode, the fog pump can be controlled via external control devices such as a hygrostat, thermostat or other sensors.

              Pump pre-filter
              For optimum operation of the high-pressure pump, only well-filtered water should be used; filtered rainwater is of course also possible. Two versions of the pre-filter are available: one version is used as a pressure filter when operating the high-pressure pump via the domestic water supply, and a washable screen filter is used when operating the pump with rainwater.

              Connecting the high-pressure fog pump
              The fog pump has a standard earthed mains plug and can therefore be operated via a 230 V mains socket. Please note that this socket must be protected by a residual current circuit breaker. The connection to the water supply is made via a 3/4 inch external thread at the pump inlet, which is suitable for standard coupling systems from the garden hose sector.
              The fog pump also has an ON/OFF switch on the motor terminal box.
              This high-pressure fog pump is not self-priming and operation via the domestic water supply (with inlet pressure up to 2 bar) is recommended. If the pump is to be fed from a cistern, for example, this must be done by gravity and the tank must be positioned higher than the pump itself.

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