LUMATEK 30W UV Supplemental LED light Bar

    Product ID: CVG05891
    Vendor ID: LUMLED013

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    306,30 €


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    Ideal to improve the crop’s UV output.

    This 30W UV LED bar was designed to fit directly into the Zeus Led LED range frames or can also be used as a single fixture.

    Recommend the use of 2 x 30W UV LED Bars per each Zeus 600W/600W Pro and Zeus 1000W Xtreme models, and 3 x units per each Zeus 1000W Pro, during the last part of flowering.

    Link to official Lumatek product Page

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Lifespan (h) IP Rating Spectrum Dimensions Weight ID Vendor ID Price
    30W 230 V 8500 h IP65 UV 100 x 4,76 x 4,16 cm 1,2 kg CVG05891 LUMLED013 306,30 €