DLI Joule 1000W 208/230V DE Lightning fixture

    Product ID: CVG04742

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    DLI Joule 1000W DE light reflector is manufactured to have the highest possible total reflectance at all wavelengths giving excellent PAR rendition.

    The integrated hemispherical reflectance is over 95% with an absence of iridescence colours in the louvre. 630W Complete Fixture with 2x PGZX18 sockets for 2 CMH lamps. The fixture is suitable with Plug & Play DLM-4 Zone Controller.

    • Extra Low-Profile Housing Ideal for low ceilings

    • Improved Heatsink Increased Driver Efficiency

    • LED Indicator Status & Error Diagnostics

    • IP65 Controller Connection Plug & Play with DLM-Series

    • Gore-Tex Plug Ventilation Plug

    • Built in Spirit Level Achieve Perfectly Even Light Spread

    • FLOWERSONLY Reflector Superior Light Spread & Reflection

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Power factor Dimming Dimming range Frequency IP Rating Dimensions Weight Controller Inrush Current Spirit level Suitable controller Current maximum ID Vendor ID Price
    1060 W 230 V 4,5 A >0,98 Yes 600W - 750W - 825W - 1000W - 1150W 50-60 Hz IP65 57,1 x 28,4 x 17,8 cm 5,8 kg Not included, ON-OFF 40 A Yes DLM Series 9,5 A CVG04742 549,80 €