Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 1000W DE-HPS Defender Large Combo lighting Kit

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    Vendor ID: DE1000DL-EU-CKIT

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    Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 1000W DE-HPS Defender Large Combo lighting Kit is perfect for low ceilings, this fixture can be safely positioned at just 56 to 61 cm from the canopy without causing heat stress or compromising its huge footprint. This naturally leads to more premium flower.

    Defender Large Combo lighting Kit includes:

    • Large Defender Adjust-A-Wings

    • DE Lamp Adaptor

    • DE Super-Spreader

    • Hellion DE 1000-1100W DE-HPS bulb (1000W = 2100 µmol;  1100W = 2350 µmol)

    • Hellion 1000-1100W HPS Controllable Ballast  (soft start, EOL protections)

    • Large size Reflector Connector. (can be setup with ballast Remote or On-Board)

    • All cords, parts & instructions, ready to assemble and grow.

    The unique, patented and award-winning design of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors, along with the ingenious Super-Spreader heat deflectors mean that growers can safely bring their grow lights much closer to the plant canopy for deeper penetration into second and third tier flowering sites and a more uniform intense footprint of light. All without the hot spots commonly associated with closer placement. This means more usable light on your plants and much less light loss to walls and floors. More than a million Adjust-A-Wings have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.


    Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) PPF (µmol/s) Colour temperature (K) CRI (Ra) Lifespan (h) Dimming Frequency Power Cable Suitable bulbs Dimensions Weight Extension cable External control Soft start ID Vendor ID Price
    600-1100 W 230 V 4,0-5,4 A 154 580 - 167 480 lm 157 lm/W 2100-2350 µmol/s 2007 K 27-31 Ra 16 000 h Yes 50-60 Hz 2,5 1000W HPS UHF 100 x 70 cm (Reflector), 24 x 17 x 7,4 cm (Ballast) 4 kg (Ballast) 3,5 m Yes (RJ11) Yes CVG02383 DE1000DL-EU-CKIT 284,40 €