Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 630W DE-CMH Defender Medium lighting Kit

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    Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 630W DE-CMH Lighting Kit is ideal for standalone lamps and suitable for all stages of growth and particularly flowering. In combination with Hellion DE-HPS bulb creates a productive mixed spectrum lighting plan. With wings setting wide it easily covers 1,5 x 1,0 m for flowering or 1,8 x 1,2 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth. With wings adjusted to narrow settings, square canopies in the range of 1,2 x 1,2 m for flowering to 1,5 x 1,5 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth.

    This DE-CMH lighting kit provides unmatched efficiency, uniformity, light spread, spectral quality and cooler operating temperatures. The benefits include: closer placement, deeper canopy penetration, explosive growth, shorter internodes length and increased production of essential oils and terpenes.

    By combining DE-HPS with DE-CMH and using Adjust-A-Wings plus Super Spreaders, growers can mix spectrums and maintain high radiant intensity, fully unlocking the “Emerson Effect” to drive production (whole plant) for improved yields of quality, terpene-rich produce.

    The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector is made of highly reflective materials (PVD aluminium and a high-tech Titanium Oxide reflector coating) to provide an accurate and uniform lighting footprint. 

    The Hellion 630W DE-CMH bulb and the e-ballast is designed to fit perfectly together to work for optimal performance. Engineering this essential lighting system components together is key to achieving the industry-leading output, efficiency and lamp lifespan.

    • Applicable area: wide setting 1,5 x 1,0 m for flowering or 1,8 x 1,2 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth

    • Applicable area: narrow setting 1,2 x 1,2 m for flowering or 1,5 x 1,5 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth

    • Suitable for vegetative & flowering stage to enhance the spectrum of HPS or DE-HPS

    • Colour temperature (K): 3100K

    • Luminous Flux (Lm): 64 094

    • Lumen efficiency (Lm/W): 102

    • PPF: 1202 µmol

    • Photon efficiency: 1,91 µm/W

    • CRI: 87.4 

    What’s in the box?

    • Adjust-A-Wings Medium Defender reflector

    • Adjust -A-Wings DE lamp adaptor (adjustable)

    • Adjust-A-Wings Dimmable low frequency square wave electronic ballast (0-10V controller ports)

    • Adjust-A-Wings 630W DE-CMH 3000K bulb

    • Super Spreader

    • Reflector connector

    • 3,5 m extension cord for remote placement of e-ballast

    • 2,5m Input Power Cord


    Colour temperature Luminous flux Luminous efficacy PPF PPE CRI Price
    3100 K 64 094 102 lm/W 1202 µmol/s 1,91 µmol/J 87,4 Ra 739,00 €