Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 630W DE-CMH Defender Medium lighting Kit

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    Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 630W DE-CMH Lighting Kit is ideal for standalone lamps and suitable for all stages of growth and particularly flowering.

    In combination with Hellion DE-HPS bulb creates a productive mixed spectrum lighting plan. With wings setting wide it easily covers 1,5 x 1,0 m for flowering or 1,8 x 1,2 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth. With wings adjusted to narrow settings, square canopies in the range of 1,2 x 1,2 m for flowering to 1,5 x 1,5 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth.

    This DE-CMH lighting kit provides unmatched efficiency, uniformity, light spread, spectral quality and cooler operating temperatures. The benefits include: closer placement, deeper canopy penetration, explosive growth, shorter internodes length and increased production of essential oils and terpenes.
    By combining DE-HPS with DE-CMH and using Adjust-A-Wings plus Super Spreaders, growers can mix spectrums and maintain high radiant intensity, fully unlocking the “Emerson Effect” to drive production (whole plant) for improved yields of quality, terpene-rich produce.

    The Adjust-A-Wings Defender reflector is made of highly reflective materials (PVD aluminium and a high-tech Titanium Oxide reflector coating) to provide an accurate and uniform lighting footprint. The Hellion 630W DE-CMH bulb and the e-ballast is designed to fit perfectly together to work for optimal performance. Engineering this essential lighting system components together is key to achieving the industry-leading output, efficiency and lamp lifespan.

    • Applicable area: wide setting 1,5 x 1,0 m for flowering or 1,8 x 1,2 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth

    • Applicable area: narrow setting 1,2 x 1,2 m for flowering or 1,5 x 1,5 m for vegetative, pre-flower or mother plant growth

    • Suitable for vegetative & flowering stage to enhance the spectrum of HPS or DE-HPS

    • Colour temperature (K): 3100K

    • Luminous Flux (Lm): 64 094

    • Lumen efficiency (Lm/W): 102 

    • PPF: 1202 µmol

    • Photon efficiency: 1,91 µm/W

    • CRI: 87.4 

      Box includes:

    • Adjust-A-Wings Medium Defender reflector

    • Adjust -A-Wings DE lamp adaptor (adjustable)

    • Adjust-A-Wings Dimmable low frequency square wave electronic ballast (0-10V controller ports)

    • Adjust-A-Wings 630W DE-CMH 3000K bulb

    • Super Spreader

    • Reflector connector

    • 3,5 m extension cord for remote placement of e-ballast

    • 2,5m Input Power Cord

    The unique, patented and award-winning design of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors, along with the ingenious Super-Spreader heat deflectors mean that growers can safely bring their grow lights much closer to the plant canopy for deeper penetration into second and third tier flowering sites and a more uniform intense footprint of light. All without the hot spots commonly associated with closer placement. This means more usable light on your plants and much less light loss to walls and floors. More than a million Adjust-A-Wings have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

      Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) PPF (µmol/s) PPE (µmol/J) Colour temperature (K) CRI (Ra) Dimensions Reflectivity ID Vendor ID Price
      64 094 lm 102 lm/W 1202 µmol/s 1,91 µmol/J 3100 K 87,4 Ra 70 x 55 cm (Reflector), 20 x 17 x 7,4 cm (Ballast) 92% CVG02355 CMH630DM31-EU-CKIT 272,50 €