Philips SON-T PIA Agro 400W 230V bulb

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    Philips Master SON-T PIA Agro 400W is a HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp with a clear outer bulb, optimised growth light output and maintenance, suitable for flowering phase.

    Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Lamp Base/Cap Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) Colour temperature (K) Lifespan (5% failures) Lifespan (50% failures) Voltage nominal (V) Energy class Energy consumption Dimming Operating position Bulb finish Length Light centre length Flange diameter Ignition time maximum Bulb temperature Cap/Base temperature Mercury content Weight ID Vendor ID Price
    400 W 230 V 3,9 A E40 57 000 lm 132,5 lm/W 2000 K 5000 h 18 000 h 128 V A+ 473 kWh/1000 h No universal clear 278 mm 175 mm 47 mm 10 s 450 °C 250 °C 22 mg 0,192 kg CVG00848 47,60 €