TechGrow Portable CO2 Meters

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Product ID: CVG04643
Vendor ID: 1060

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TechGrow HS-1 and HS-2 Portable Handheld CO2 Meters are ideal for measuring CO2 value, temperature and humidity in an indoor grow, a hydroponics/aquaponics urban garden, greenhouse or in certain scientific and educational applications.

The HS-1 CO2 Meter also features a simple calibration function and a clear audible CO2 alarm that gives a warning when the set alarm value is reached, it also takes a measurement every second.
Measurements from the HS-2 are kept accurate with the calibration function that can be used in fresh air, making it a truly handheld CO2 meter.

  • Useable in any room.

  • Extremely accurate non-dispersive infrared (ndir) carbon dioxide sensor by SenseAir®.

  • The HS-1 measures the CO2 value and temperature / HS-2 measures the CO2 value temperature and humidity.

  • Takes a measurement every second.

  • Backlight for working in dark areas.

  • CO2 warning alarm.

  • Calibration function for CO2 in fresh.

  • Battery powered (4 x AA) for complete portability.

  • Includes batteries and instruction manual.

  • Includes a convenient storage case.

Variant Humidity setting range Temperature measure range Light Source Dimensions Monitoring PPM range Battery ID Vendor ID Price
HS-1 - -10 to + 60 Back light 6 x 17 x 5 cm CO2 / Temperature 0 - 10000 4 x AA CVG04643 1060 269,00 €
HS-2 0,1 - 99,9 % -10 to + 60 Back light 6 x 17 x 5 cm CO2 / Humidity / Temperature 0 - 10000 4 x AA CVG04644 1061 399,00 €