Systemair AirOzone ozone generator

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Systemair AirOzone ozone generator effectively removes odours from the grow room environment. Eliminating all odours from the air in the ventilation systems before it leaves the ducting. When used in line with a carbon filter this adds another layer of security preventing of releasing unwanted odours out of the duct work. The ozone generators have been developed for grow room environments to maintain the high levels of Ozone while matching the size and air flow through the duct work. Designed and made in the EU the AirOzone is a quality product and can be serviced by G.A.S once the ozone plates are no longer running at their full potential.

Variant Power Diameter Airflow maximum Ozon plates Price
150 mm 12 W 150 mm 600 m3/h 1 547,80 €
200 mm 22 W 200 mm 1200 m3/h 2 594,00 €
250 mm 32 W 250 mm 1800 m3/h 3 679,80 €
315 mm 52 W 315 mm 3000 m3/h 5 781,00 €