Papillon D-Light professional 315W CDM lighting fixture
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Papillon D-Light professional 315W CDM lighting fixture is specially designed for professional horticulture. It has integrated electronic ballast with the PHILIPS HID- Prisma Vision Technology, which provides the maximum efficiency and a very long service life.

High-quality reflector made of ultra-reflective VEGA® aluminium will result in particularly high yields and a consistent quality. Patented open reflector design increases efficiency to 92%, promoting longer bulb life due to reduced heat buildup. Available in two versions: DAYLIGHT (vegetative) and GREEN POWER (flowering)

Daylight lamp is optimised in a broad spectrum of grow light and provides an increased part of blue light, which makes it possible to replace 100% HPI-T lamps. The daylight lamp is perfect for using during the growth stage of the plant. Can be used in e.g cultivation of tulips, breeding young plants, mother plants and cuttings or simulate daylight in the closed rooms. The most used lamp in Austrian cutting farms. Bulb: Philips Master CDM-TP 315W/930

GreenPower lamp has a broad spectrum with a peak in the 660 nm of the DeepRed area. This will result in more generative plants and therefore in a more stronger blooming of the plants. This lamp represents a replacement for 50% of the HPI and 50% of the SON-T lamps. Bulb: Philips Master CDM-TP 315W/942.

  • Professional grade full spectrum all in one lighting system

  • Patented open reflector design- reduced heat build up

  • Daylight or Green Power version (bulb included)

  • Philips HID Prisma Vision Technology- electronic CDM ballast 315W

  • Ballast rated 50.000 hours, >90% survival rate

  • Very high system efficiency up to 1,9 µmo/W

  • Reflector from VEGA® aluminium (92%) of reflectivity

  • Housing from high density aluminium with only 1% annual depreciation

  • Very high par rating GreenPower lamp 600 µmol/s, Rated 16.000 hours > 90%

  • Very high par rating Daylight lamp 550 µmol/s, Rated 16.000 hours > 90%

  • Accessories: junction box, Wieland connector, brackets

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