LUMATEK Tekken Pro DE reflectors

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Product ID: CVG04861
Vendor ID: LUMR0021

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LUMATEK Tekken Pro DE reflector is a premium professional grade reflector designed specifically for grow rooms and grow tents.

The closed-end design is vented to let the heat escape and focus the light straight down into a 1,2 x 1,2m footprint. This is a high performance double ended reflector with an innovative SPPDS-A type bulb sockets designed for use with high PAR/PPF output Double Ended HPS, MH & CMH (LEC) grow lamps and features innovative K12x30s (DE) bulb sockets rated for up to 1000W.

The Tekken Pro DE is produced using MIRO® reflective surface material made of purest aluminium 99.99% and covered with super reflective oxide layer providing 95 % of reflectivity making it one of the most reflective materials on the market. This high quality grow light reflector creates good penetration and a uniform square spread of light with no hotspots. The closed end design and excellent reflective surface ensures maximum light intensity focused straight down onto plants with very little light waste. Designed and engineered in the UK by Qwod and Lumatek. The premium design is also available in Hammertone aluminium version, with the reflectivity of 92%

  • Suitable for 1,2 x 1,2 m growing area

  • Designed for use with 1000W 400V DE grow bulbs with highest PAR µmol/sec rating

  • Available in 95% reflective Miro or 92% reflective Hammertone Aluminium

  • Compact package (flat packed) with easy assembly instructions

  • Closed ended design vented design for heat escape

  • SPPDS-A type bulb sockets

  • K12x30s (DE)

Variant Lamp Base/Cap Material Dimensions Warranty Reflectivity ID Vendor ID Price
Miro SE E40 - - - - - CVG04861 LUMR0021 155,00 €
Hammertone K12 x 30s Aluminium 61,5 x 61,5 x 22 cm 3 Years 98% CVG00601 LUMR0007 145,10 €
Miro K12 x 30s Aluminium 61,5 x 61,5 x 22 cm 3 Years 98% CVG00600 LUMR0008 184,50 €