LUMATEK 400V HPS Pro bulbs

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Product ID: CVG00611
Vendor ID: LUML0100

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The 600W 400V pulse-start bulb, is especially designed for use with Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600W 400V electronic ballast, but suitable with other 400V ballasts as well, is produced by using high-grade ceramic arc tube technology and specific horticultural gas blend, that creates optimal spectral output for vigorous plant growth. The 400V HPS bulbs are more efficient than regular standard 230V HPS bulbs and this results in 10% increase of a light intensity and PAR/PPF output. The PCA ceramic arc tube allows the bulb to operate at higher internal temperatures, increasing colour rendering, output and efficiency. The PCA resists interaction with the chemicals inside the tube which stabilises the chemical mix over the life-span of the bulb, thereby improving colour consistency and PAR/PPF level maintenance. Pulse-start technology enables faster start up & restrike time, longer lamp life-span and increased lumen maintenance.

  • For flowering and also vegetative phase

  • Operating position: horisontal

  • Warm up time 7 min

  • Bulb shape: T46

  • Input Power Voltage (V): 240V 50Hz

  • PAR: 1100 µmol/sec

  • CRI: 20

Variant Colour temperature (K) Power (W) Voltage (V) Current (A) Lamp Base/Cap Luminous flux (lm) PPF (µmol/s) CRI (Ra) Lifespan (h) ID Vendor ID Price
600W 400V DE 2100 K 600 W 400 V 3,6 A K12 x 30s 90 000 lm 1200 µmol/s 30 Ra 24 000 h CVG04625 LUML0102 48,00 €
600W 400V 2000 K 600 W 400 V 3,6 A E40 90 000 lm 1100 µmol/s 20 Ra 24 000 h CVG00611 LUML0100 42,00 €
1000W 400V DE 2100 K 1000 W 400 V 5,20 A K12 x 30s 146 000 lm 2100 µmol/s 30 Ra 10 000 h CVG00612 LUML0101 74,00 €