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HOMEbox® HomeLab has long been a first choice for growers, who want a quick and convenient indoor garden.

It’s a fuss-free solution – no need for tools. Simply unpack, assemble and convert virtually any space into a clean and productive growing area in minutes. Designed to make life easy! The HomeLab is everything you expect from a portable, indoor grow-tent with silver lining.

  • Interior: premium-grade silver reflective film

  • Exterior: waterproof black canvas with increased fabric density

  • Double-layered air ducts provides no light leak

  • Water-proof coating and light barrier on the zipper contains both light and spillages.

  • The zipper-pullers from metal

  • 700-micron bug screens and removable covers

HomeLab 40 is the perfect place to keep your mother plant in tiptop shape, producing a constant stream of cuttings year round. Compact enough to fit into almost any spare corner, its unbeatable light-proofing ability means you can keep your mother plant on an 18 or 24 hour light cycle adjacent to your flowering tent with no worries about light pollution interfering with flowering cycles.

HomeLab 60 is ideal for growing cuttings. Its enlarged footprint means it can also double-up as a vegetative / grow chamber for bringing cuttings up to the required size for flowering. Its total light-proofing means you can easily maintain different lighting schedules in multiple tents located in the same room. A great choice for passionate hobbyists and professional growers.

HomeLab 80 is another excellent mother plant chamber—and versatile enough for cuttings and vegetative development.

HomeLab 80L is a truly versatile growing solution, which is used by growers for both growing up young plants and flowering off to harvest.

HomeLab 100 is the perfect way to realize your growing ambitions. It´s ten square feet of floor space is perfectly lit with a single 400-watt grow light while the two generously proportioned viewing window allows you to quickly check on your plants without disturbing their growing environment.

HomeLab 120 is preferred from Hydroponic growers and soil lovers, because it perfectly accommodates growing table with a little extra space around the side for overhanging plants.

HomeLab 120L One of our most popular choices, the HomeLab 120L was originally conceived as a super productive flowering chamber although larger growers enjoy the vegetative potential of this generously proportioned grow tent too.

HomeLab 145 is for enterprising indoor gardeners, which offers additional space and growing potential. The ideal vegetative or flowering chamber.

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