GSE Temperature Step transformer controller

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G-Systems temperature step transformer controller has a special characteristic that the ventilators make no noise "hum" in the lower rotation. The step transformer controls the fan speeds from 6-step up & down according the temperature. Temperature as Hysteresis (sensitivity) can be set by two knob's. A internal hardware setting (Jumper) it is possible to choose if the minimum speed is "zero - off position" or if the fan should keep working in the lowest step to prevent odours from escaping. The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use. This reliable fan controller comes as complete with a sealed water resistant cover, plugs with flap-lids and a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms. The sensor comes with a 4m long cable and can be extended up to 50 meters.

  • Controls fan speed according to temperature

  • 6-step up&down controller

  • Possible to set hysteresis

  • Easy to use

  • Water-resistant cover

  • Suitable for humid rooms

  • Sensor with 4 m long cable

  • Protection class: IP54

Model TypeDesigned forVoltage (V)Measures TemperaturesSetting rangeTemperature hysteresisSize WxHxD (mm)
1 Fan - 2.5 A2,5A / 600W230–55°C to +125°C20C° - 30C°2 - 8C°200 x 250 x 180
1 Fan - 8 A8A / 1800W230–55°C to +125°C20C° - 30C°2 - 8C°200 x 250 x 180
2 Fan - 2.5 A2,5A / 1200W230–55°C to +125°C20C° - 30C°2 - 8C°200 x 250 x 180
2 Fan - 8 A8A / 3600W230–55°C to +125°C20C° - 30C°2 - 8C°200 x 250 x 180