GSE Temperature - Humidity Step transformer controller

This product is no longer available.

G-Systems Humidity & Temp. step transformer controller have the special characteristic that the ventilators make no noise "hum" in the lower rotation.

The step transformer control the fan speed from self 6-step up & down according the humidity and temperature. Temperature and hysteresis (sensitivity) can be set on two knob's as well humidity and humidity-hysteresis on the other two knobs. The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use. 

This reliable fan controller comes complete with a sealed water resistant cover, plugs with flap-lids and a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms. The sensor comes with a 4 m long cable.

  • Controls ventilator speed

  • Provides control over humidity and temperature

  • 6-step speed control

  • Eliminates ventilator "hum"-noise in lower rotation

  • Water-resistant cover

  • Sensor cable 4 m