GSE EC Fan controller with LCD screen (2 fan)

This product is no longer available.

G-Systems Engineering EC fan controller is engineered for highly energy efficient EC fans.

This EC fan controller is suitable to plug in two ventilators. The LCD display, keyboard and power led allows a very easy setting and reading of all the information's given by the fan such as actual set speed, temperature, humidity day/night, negative pressure of the intake fan and rounds per minute of the exhaust fan. Possible to program 15 individual settings with only three buttons.

A built in light sensor to recognise day/night modes. The EC fan controller comes with power adaptor 1m cable, a 4m sensor cable and 2 x 4m fan cable including all connectors 4 pole 3,5mm jack.

  • EC Technology

  • To control high energy efficient EC fans

  • Set speed (min/max)

  • Speed (day/night)

  • Temperature (day/night)

  • Temperature hysteresis (day/night)

  • Humidity hysteresis (day/night)

  • Humidity (day/night)

  • Set negative pressure

  • Switch sensor (day/night)

  • Graphic and digital display of speed (rpm) (constant)

  • Temperature display (constant)

  • Humidity display (constant)

  • Set point selectable over input keys (not constant)

  • 1 x power supply

  • 1 x temperature, humidity and light sensor

  • 2 x 4 m cable to ventilator

  • Protection class: IP20