GSE Dimmable electronic ballast 230V

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Product ID: CVG05156

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G-Systems Engineering electronic ballast 230V runs all kinds of MH (metal halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium) bulbs with a power ranging from 250W to 600W.

The UV, acid and water proof foil covers the build in LED indicators to display the status of selected power and 3 knobs lets easily to change the suitable wattage. Just by switching between the levels step by step 250W - 400W - 600W - 660W or with an option to push and hold to manage it fully step-less from 660W to 250W or vice versa. GSE uses always high quality components such as aluminium caste housing and high temperature resistant electrolytic capacitor, Philips NXP transistors and high frequency ISKRA components. 84% of the components are manufactured in the EU.

An extremely efficient aluminium radiator keeps the running temperature very low and provides a long service lifetime of all the components. The ballast comes as a assembled product with 3m power cable and 4m cable to connect the ballast to the reflector. The ballast is fully water-proof and meets the conditions of IP64 protection class.

  • Runs up to 750W bulbs

  • Overdrive (+10% output power)

  • Soft start technology

  • Hot lamp protection

  • Infinitely variable control

  • Dimming:Off/ Standby-250W-400W-600W-Overdrive

  • Cool down dimming protection

  • Stand by mode

  • Water-proof

  • Protection class: IP64

  • Warranty: 3 Years

Variant Power Plug ID Vendor ID Price
4 m Lamp Cable EU/FR CVG05155 EB600-EU/FR-4m 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable AU CVG05156 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC AU CVG05157 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable BR CVG05158 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC BR CVG05159 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable CH CVG05160 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC CH CVG05161 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC EU/FR CVG05162 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable IT CVG05163 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC IT CVG05164 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable UK CVG05165 EB600-UK-4m 129,00 €
4 m Lamp Cable with IEC UK CVG05166 129,00 €