GSE AC/EC Fan controller with LCD screen (2fans 2x5A)

This product is no longer available.

GSE fan controller with LCD screen for AC or EC fans is equipped with the rotary-push knob to allow a very fast setting of all the values and to read all the information's given.

Possible to set: actual set speed, temperature, humidity day/night, negative pressure of the intake fan and RPM (rounds per minute) of the exhaust fan. A built in light sensor will recognise the day/night modes. It let's to program 15 individual settings with single rotary-push button.

The controller has 2 x 5A/230V AC exits for the intake and exhaust fan as well 2 x RJ45 connector for EC fans. It let's to choose between 0-10 V or PWM (pulse wide modulation) signal. 2 x internal temperature sensors will prevent from the overheating of the heat sink and processor side. The AC/EC fan controller comes with 1,5 m power cable and 4 m sensor cable. Just plug 'n' play.

  • Temperature (day/night)

  • Temperature hysteresis (day/night)

  • Humidity (day/night)

  • Humidity hysteresis (day/night)

  • Minimum speed (day/night)

  • Maximum speed (day/night)

  • Negative pressure setting

  • Switch sensor level

  • Switch over time day/night

  • Graphic and digital display of speed rpm constant

  • Temperature display constant

  • Humidity display constant

  • Set point selectable not constant, over input keys