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growAIRSTREAM circulation is the air channel, which provides additional fresh air-flow in the grow-tent.

With a direct connection through the tent wall the fresh air-stream is present and the whole grow-tent can be constantly air-conditioned. The growAIRSTREAM square air channel is placed on the wide edge of the growTABLE or in the aeroponic systems on the growDECK. The connector allows the connection to the growAIRSTREAM directly through the grow-tent. 

The growAIR flange is inserted into the air channel in the tent and from outside it is also possible to connect the growAIRSTREAM with a commercially available, flexible hose to ensure the supply of fresh air over longer distances. The arches of the air-cannel allow recess in the corners, where the construction of a grow-tent can pass vertically, which gives an additional side support for the channel. The simple plug-in system allows a space-saving transport and a subsequent fast cleaning also from the inside.

Model Compatible with Includes Dimensions ID Vendor ID Price
0,8 growDECK aeroponic Extension-Set 0,8 growTable square 0,8 growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0,8 growSYSTEM aeroponic 0,8 growAIR Flange 100 mm 78 x 78 x 11 cm CVG00405 4102 109,16 €
1,0 growDECK aeroponic Extension-Set 1,0 growTable square 1,0 growSYSTEM AIR-POT 1,0 growSYSTEM aeroponic 1,0 growAIR Flange 100 mm 100 x 100 x 11 cm CVG00406 4201 125,97 €
1,2 growDECK aeroponic Extension-Set 1,2 growTable square 1,2 growSYSTEM AIR-POT 1,2 growSYSTEM aeroponic 1,2 growAIR Flange 100 mm 120 x 120 x 11 cm CVG00407 4300 142,77 €