growTOOL ® growSYSTEM aeroponic

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growSYSTEM aeroponic from GrowTOOL® is a complete set of high quality aeroponic growing system, made in Germany. With these systems the growing of plants is made possible and easy for everyone. It has a full automatic closed irrigation circuit, which provides the permanent spraying of the free hanging plant roots with the nutrient solution. The aeroponic technology allows to grow plants with no need to use any substrate: the roots are hanging directly in a fine humid air-space, where they get sprayed with a nutrient solution. The growSYSTEM series is a ready Set, containing everything to start a professional aeroponic breeding of plants.

Model TypePlantsIncludesSuitable for ModulesSuitable for Grow-Tents (cm)
growSYSTEM aeroponic 0.88growDECK 0.8
growTABLE square 0.8
growRACK modular 0.8 - 25
growPUMP nutrient HX-8825
growTANK nutrient 40 L
growAIRSTREAM circulation 0.8
growRACK Extension-Set 40
80 x 80
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.024growDECK 1.0
growTABLE square 1.0
growRACK modular 1.0 - 55
growPUMP nutrient HX-8840
growTANK nutrient 150 L
growAIRSTREAM circulation 1.0
growRACK Extension-Set 55 / 1.0
growRACK Extension-Set 40
100 x 100
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.234 growDECK 1.2
growTABLE square 1.2
growRACK modular 1.2 - 55
growPUMP nutrient HX-8850
growTANK nutrient 180 L
growAIRSTREAM circulation 1.2
growRACK Extension-Set 55 / 1.2
growRACK Extension-Set 40
120 x 120