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growPUMP nutrient is a universal pump for irrigation of the plants in the aeroponic systems of growTOOL®. Operation under water and dry positioning possible for models growPUMP nutrient HX-8840 and HX-8850.

Model TypeSize (cm)Output (L/h)Output height (m)Power (W)Suitable for Modules
growPUMP nutrient HX-880813 x 6 x 96501.28growCOOL nutrient
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.0
growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.2
growPUMP nutrient HX-882516 x 9 x 1124002,135Automatic-Watering-Extension-Sets
0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2
growPUMP nutrient HX-883016 x 9 x 1129002,345growSYSTEM aeroponic 0.8
growPUMP nutrient HX-884021 x 9 x 1340003,070growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.0
growPUMP nutrient HX-885024 x 11 x 1549003,595growSYSTEM aeroponic 1.2