GE Lucalox™ PSL bulbs

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General Electrics Lucalox™ PSL is an advanced HPS (high pressure sodium) bulb. The sodium resistant ceramic helps eliminate early failures to give a rated service life of up to 12 000 hours. The bulb uses extra rugged monolithic arc-tubes equipped with GE Reliable Starting Technology which provides continuous high performance. Extra light and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) output. Improved PAR maintenance that drives constant and uniform plant growth.

  • For use in flowering phase

  • Superb performance and high reliability

  • Rated life-span up to 12 000 hours

  • Extra rugged monolithic arc-tube

  • GE Reliable Starting Technology

  • Extra light and PAR

  • E40

Model TypeDimmingOperating positionPower (W)Input Voltage (V)Voltage nom. (V)Current (A)Energy classEnergy consumption (kWh/1000h)Colour temperature (K)Luminous flux (lm)Luminous efficacy (lm/W)Lifetime to 5% failures (h)Colour rendering index (Ra)Bulb temperature (°C)Cap/Base temperature (°C)Cap/BaseBulb finishDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Light centre length (mm)Weight (kg)Mercury content (mg)
GE Lucalox PSL 400W 230VYesuniversal4002301054,4A458210056 50013610 00022400250E40clear482921750,21019,2
GE Lucalox PSL 600W 230VYesuniversal6002301155,8A666210090 00014410 00022410250E40clear482921690,22021,9
GE Lucalox PSL 600W 400VYesuniversal6004002003,6A150210090 00013610 00022410250E40clear482921690,22021,9
GE Lucalox PSL 600W 400V ELYesuniversal6004002003,6A150210090 00013610 00022410250E40clear482921690,22021,9
GE Lucalox PSL 750W 230VYesuniversal7502301107,3A8082100112 00014610 00022410250E40clear512911710,23021,1
GE Lucalox PSL 750W 400VYesuniversal7504002054,3A8462100112 00013610 00022410250E40clear512931750,23024,7