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Product ID: CVG05962
Vendor ID: GASIT

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            The G.A.S. Minute Timer offers precision feeding that can be adjusted to suit the life stage of the plant.

            The greater control results in plants being fed little and often ensuring a greater uptake of nutrient solution, increased access to and absorption of oxygen, and ultimately improved yields.

            • Ideal for use with all timed grow systems

            • Range from 1-10 minutes

            • Suitable for use with pumps up to a total of 500W max

            The G.A.S. Minute Timer is to be used with a segmental timer (supplied separately). The time and frequency of the feed is controlled by the segmental timer, with the duration then being overridden by the Minute Timer.

            Variant Power (W) Voltage (V) Dimming Dimming range ID Vendor ID Price
            Minute 500 W 230 V Yes 1 - 10 min CVG04334 GASMT 60,48 €
            Minute/Second - - - - CVG05963 GASMST 69,65 €
            Interval - - - - CVG05962 GASIT 91,65 €