Eazy Plug ® Flood &  Drain System

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Product ID: CVG04218
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Eazy Plug Flood & Drain systems are the latest evolution in hydroponics.

Coupling the increased feeding control of the flood and drain technique with an innovative capillary acting, root pruning growing medium results in the healthiest plants and largest yields.

Highly oxygenated – continuous feeding alongside the root pruning action results in a highly oxygenated root environment.
Greater control – feed plants little and often (segmental timer required), and adapt to suit the life stage of the plant.
timer required), and adapt to suit the life stage of the

More efficient – Labour saving using 20% less fertiliser and reduced cycle times of up to 3 weeks

100% Compostable material – Combined with its nontoxicity, Eazy Plug materials can simply be put into soil or any other natural environment without leaving a footprint.

Increased yields – Constant feeding combined with the highly oxygenated root zone results in healthier plants and improved yields.

How it works ? 

1. The Eazy Pyramids are positioned on the planter in predetermined locators. 

2. Plants are then placed on or inside the pyramid, dependent on your chosen propagation method. 

3. The planter (diagram 1) is situated on top of a nutrient reservoir (diagram 2). Using a segmental timer, solution floods the planter at set times, for a required period (diagram 3). Each pyramid locator consists of four feet to prevent the Eazy Pyramid from becoming saturated during the flood period. The Pyramid simply acts as a wick, drawing solution into the rootzone.

4. After flooding for the desired period, the solution then drains back into the reservoir where it remixes with the remaining nutrient solution 
(diagram 4). 

5. Each Eazy pyramid is supplied with predetermined EC and pH levels that self regulates to exactly the right air-to-water ratio. Due to its strongly bonded organic components, there is no necessity for pots or sleeves, offering huge hair root structures due to the air pruning effect. Due to the root pruning there is also no exposure of roots or requirement for a planter cover.

6. Equivalent to 13.5 L, the Eazy Pyramid provides the optimised growing volume for a whole crop cycle. Using the Eazy Plug Flood & Drain System plants will grow faster, will be healthier and produce larger yields than in any other available growing medium.

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