GrowControl PowerExtender 4+

    Product ID: CVG06333
    Vendor ID: GC5046

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      With PowerExtender 4+ the number of sockets of GrowBase Pro can be extended by four sockets. The two devices are connected using the RJ45 cable supplied. Once the device is connected to GrowBase Pro, the additional outlets appear in the menu and the functions can be assigned to each outlet.

      Two of the four sockets can be loaded with up to 2,300 watts. These sockets have 2-pole switch-off, and they have an inrush current limiter. Both are recommended for LED luminaires. An output for dimming compatible luminaires via a 0-10/1-10V signal and a DC output for relays/contactors are also provided.

      The following devices can be connected to the sockets:

      • AC intake fans

      • AC exhaust fans

      • Luminaires

      • Humidifiers

      • Dehumidifiers

      • Irrigation pumps

      • Recirculation fans

      • Electric heaters

      • Chillers

      • CO₂ valves or CO₂ generators

      • Heating mats

      If required, another PowerExtender can be connected to the second RJ45 socket on the device. Thus, the number of outputs can be increased to a total of 25 with up to four PowerExtender 4+.

      The RJ45 socket labeled "Lights 0-10V - Multi Out 5" also has a DC output (MOSFET) for relays/contactors.

      The device is delivered in a drip-proof (IP42) housing incl. wall mount and is ready for immediate use. A manual in German language is included with the device.

      Made in Germany.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                IP Rating Dimensions Power supply Cable lengths Output power max Multi Out "+1", "+3" (each) Output power max Multi Out "+2", "+4" (each) Output power max „Multi Out „+1“&„+2“ (sum) Output power max „Multi Out „+3“&„+4“ (sum) DC output on port "Lights 0-10V - Multi Out 5" Output current 0-10V output max. ID Vendor ID Price
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                IP42 19 x 17 x 12 cm 100-240V~ 10A 50-60Hz ( each) 2 m 600 VA(W)@230V 310 VA(W)@120V 2.6A 2300 VA(W)@230V 1200 VA(W)@120V 10A 2300 VA(W)@230V 1200 VA(W)@120V 10A 2300 VA(W)@230V 1200 VA(W)@120V 10A 12-24V DC 1A max. 20 mA CVG06333 GC5046 429,00 €