LUMATEK i850W LED Top Light Full-Spectrum 400V

    Product ID: CVG05867
    Vendor ID: LUMLED022

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    The perfect solution for a high intensity and compact LED Top Light fixture, to replace and upgrade HPS systems or to start a new large project where canopy uniformity is key. Producing very high levels of PPF of 2295 µmol/s and a high efficacy of up to 2.7 µmol/J. The fixture efficacy will vary depending on the Input Voltage used.

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    Universal Control Systems Compatibility

    Lumatek LED Fixtures can be fully controlled with either the Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 or with any other Control System that utilises 0-10V output signal. Even if your Universal Controller has an RJ port interface, you can still run our LEDs by using a signal converter RJ to 0-10V control adaptor.

    Power (W) Voltage (V) PPF (µmol/s) PPE (µmol/J) Lifespan (h) Beam Angle Dimming Controllable Dimming range Cooling IP Rating Spectrum Light Source Dimensions Weight Controller Dimmer ID Vendor ID Price
    850W 208-400 V 2295 µmol/s 2,7 µmol/J 50 000 h 120° Yes Yes OFF-25-50-75-100% Passive IP65 Full Spectrum High Spec Osram and Domestic Diodes 80,5 x 32,5 x 11,2 cm 13 kg Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2.0 - Up to 100 fixtures - Not incl. Lumatek 0-10V Light Dimmer (incl.) CVG05867 LUMLED022 1 666,70 €