TechGrow Green Eye Portable Co2 Meter + Logger

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    The Green Eye datalogger measures and logs the CO2 concentration, air temperature and humidity in your room, displaying the values at a glance on its clear display. 

    This monitor from TechGrow’s Green series uses an internal, NDIR sensor for CO₂ detection, as well as a humidity sesnor and temperature sensor. 
    The smart Automatic Baseline Calibration (ABC) function ensures it always displays the correct CO2 value. 
    Use the built-in alarm to notify you of any anomalies.

    The Green series monitors are widely used in offices, classrooms, factories, hospitals, crèches and hotels for health and safety, and scientific uses. 
    They are not suitable for long-term use (more than five days) in greenhouses.

    • Measures the CO2, temperature and humidity sensor measure air humidity

    • Extremely accurate SenseAir ™ sensors

    • Automatic Baseline Calibration to ensure accurate values

    • Adjustable CO2 alarm

    • Simple calibration function for CO2

    • LCD Display

    • Performs a measurement every second

    • Datalogger for 16,000 measuring points

    • Software included on a CD

    Voltage (V) Humidity setting range Temperature measure range Alerts Monitoring PPM range ID Vendor ID Price
    230 V 5 - 95 % -10 to + 60 Yes CO2 / Humidity / Temperature 0 - 9999 CVG04645 2965 0,00 €