TechGrow T-1 Pro Co2 controller

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    TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller is the most advanced carbon dioxide regulator on the market. It accurately creates the desired CO2 levels in your grow room, making it one of the most effective CO2 regulators.

    Provide your crops the consistency they need to gain the highest possible yields with its automatic CO2 dosing counter. It’s adjustable pulse dosing allows you to maintain a stable CO2 level in your microenvironment. It also has a dosing delay function, which enables delayed activation of CO2 enrichment in your room, making it the smart sensor that can ensure your grow stays in an optimal condition even in your absence.

    • Fully adjustable from 300ppm to 2,000ppm or from 300ppm to 10,000ppm.

    • Adjustable dosing delay and timer.

    • Automatic CO2 dosing counter.

    • Logging of the CO2 counter, stored for 7 days.

    • Pulse dose function for dosed addition of CO2.

    • Built-in calibration function, able to calibrate the CO2 sensor in fresh air.

    • Displays CO2, Temperature and Humidity (sensors must be connected).

    • Display shows minimum/maximum values of connected sensor(s).

    • Display is updated every second.

    • LED indicators for CO2 dosage, light detection and a stable climate.

    • Compatible with multiple TechGrow devices.

    • All settings are automatically saved during a power failure.

    • Automatically switches between day/night mode (light sensor must be connected)

    • Energy saving, automatically turns off display backlight after 60 seconds.

    • Automatic fault detection of cable failure or bad connection with the sensors.

    • Sensor connection with standard network cable (UTP)

    • Techgrow sensors are available separately (0-2,000 ppm / 0-10,000 ppm).

    • Can connect to the TechGrow Data logger (DL-1).

    Voltage (V) Plugs & Sockets Power Cable Dimensions Weight Monitoring PPM range Sensor Suitable sensor ID Vendor ID Price
    230 V 2 pcs 3 x 0,75 m / 1,7 M 22 x 22 x 10 11 kg Humidity / Temp 300 - 2000 Not included S-2 CVG04629 2951 0,00 €