TechGrow T-Mini Pro Co2 controller

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    T-Mini Pro CO2 Controller is a powerful compact all-in-one CO2 meter and controller, simple to operate with just one knob, being ideal for the ones trying their hand at hydroponics/aquaponics. 

    The vivid display on the T-Mini acts as a CO2 monitor, readily displaying the current carbon dioxide concentration, temperature as well as relative humidity, with all values updated every second.
    The carbon dioxide sensor is a non-dispersive infrared sensor (ndir), which provides precise measurements, and also helps ensure your desired CO2 concentration at all times.

    • Fully adjustable from 300ppm to 2000 ppm.

    • Built-in CO2, temperature and relative humidity sensor.

    • The controller automatically switches between day and night mode by the built-in light sensor.

    • Displays the current value and the minimum/maximum values of CO2, temperature and humidity.

    • Display is refreshed every second.

    • Built-in calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor in fresh air or indoors.

    • Built-in fan for optimal airflow. This ensures accurate and quick measurement.

    • Indication LEDs for CO2 dosing and stable climate.

    • Memory in case of power failure for setpoint and hysteresis.

    • Automatic switch-off of the backlight of the display after 60 seconds, to save energy.


    Voltage (V) Power Cable Dimensions Weight Monitoring PPM range Sensor ID Vendor ID Price
    230 V 3 x 1,5 mm / 1,7 m 18 x 13 x 12 cm 7,6 kg CO2 / Humidity / Temperature 300 - 2000 Included CVG04628 2935 0,00 €