Aqua Master Replacement pH Electrode Pro2- P700

    Product ID: CVG04200
    Vendor ID: AMRP700V2PH

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    51,70 €


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      Aqua Master Replacement EC Electrode Pro2- P700 is easy to connect using the BNC connector.

      Due to the long pH double junction electrode, it has a longer life. Over time, pH electrodes age, even with good care and regular cleaning, the lifespan will be extended. 
      Over time, reference fluid will become contaminated and the electrode will continue to respond slowly. The gel-filled electrode will then have to be replaced.

      • Waterproof cable connection

      • Gel filling (not refillable)

      • Includes probe holder with kcl storage fluid - keeps the probe safe

      • BNC connection

      • Cable of 1 meter

                                                                                                                                Sensor Cable Temperature tolerance(°C) Warranty pH Accuracy pH Range ID Vendor ID Price
                                                                                                                                1 m 0 - 60 6 Months 0,1 0-14,0 CVG04200 AMRP700V2PH 51,70 €