Scandic Organic CO2 Wurst

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    Scandic Organic CO2WURsT eliminates CO2 into the garden to increase plant yield by up to 20%.

    Plants benefit most from CO2 when the PPM (parts per million) of CO2 in the air is between 1000 and 1500. Ambient PPM of CO2 is usually about 300 PPM. 1kg CO2WURST can potentially generate 1,8kg of CO2 during lifetime. Compared to alternatives, fastest mycelia and cost effective solution. Produced from Organic components and certified organic.


    • Spray alcohol to a fork and make 3 airhole lines on the CO2WURST

    • Hang the WURST above plants and let it be active for 1 month, then it is needed to replace it 

    • CO2WURST is active on temperature range 22-28 C, if airhole lines are present 

    • During dark and if temperature is 10-20 C, the WURST switches to stand-by mode 

    • After using, The WURST can be used as biowaste or growing medium for other plants

    • Storing and preservation: Storage time 1 month, if temperature in range of +2…+6C