iBebot AirComfort wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Product ID: CVG02622

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    Aircomfort Wireless Hygrometer is humidity and temperature sensor.

    • The compact design allows Aircomfort to be placed almost anywhere you wish.

    • With the Android or iOS app you can watch many parameters and connect more sensors for different rooms.

    • AirComfort can only work for a year with a small battery area.

    • Aircomfort can store up to 100 days of data and process data into well-arranged charts for your current values and historical records. It is possible to set the temperature and humidity monitoring intervals in the application to adjust the output to the actual needs.

    Dimensions Weight Bluetooth Wireless Mobile App Desktop App Cloud connected Data Logging Alerts Dew Point Battery ID Vendor ID Price
    11,5 Height / 3,6 Diameter 35 kg Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes CR 2450 CVG02622 AIRCOMFORT 39,60 €