Global Air Supplies AC-EC Digital Controller

    Product ID: CVG02578
    Vendor ID: GAS-AC-EC

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    266,26 €


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    GAS AC-EC Digital Controller takes total control over the AC and/or EC ventilation system.

    Control thermostatically the intake and outtake fans. Control AC and EC fans up to a total load of 10 A. Plug directly into all Systemair’s AC and EC fans

    • Controls Temperature and Humidity

    • Controls Maximum and Minimum speeds of fans

    • Set Day/Night Temperature and Humidity values

    • Set Negative pressure values

    • EC cables not included

    Voltage (V) Dimming Suitable fan Monitoring ID Vendor ID Price
    230 V Yes EC / AC Humidity / Temp CVG02578 GAS-AC-EC 266,26 €