Bluelab ® Truncheon EC Meter (0,2-3,6)

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    Bluelab ® EC Truncheon is a small, handy and easy to use conductivity meter.

    It is to know what is the strength of the solution before feeding your plants and while they are growing. If the conductivity reading is too low, the plants may not be getting enough nutrients and if the conductivity reading is too high, the plants can dehydrate.

    Using the conductivity meter is the fastest and easiest way to measure and take control over the conductivity. Simply place the probe head into the solution and the reading is indicated by the flashing lights. Calibration of meter is not required.

    • Applications: Floriculture, Greenhouse, Hydroponics

    • Provided with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales

    • Measurement range: EC (0.2 - 3.6), CF (2 - 36), ppm 500 (100 - 1800), ppm 700 (140 - 2520)

    • Fully waterproof

    • Auto on/off function 

    • No calibration required

    • Daylight readable blue LED’s

    • No buttons, switches or knobs

    • 3 x AA batteries included 

    • 5 Year guarantee for Bluelab Truncheon® Nutrient Meter

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    5 Years EC Yes 3 x AA CVG02129 5001 133,60 €