Bluelab ® pH pen

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    Bluelab® pH pen is a simple and handy tool ot measure the pH of the growing solutions. 

    The pH is a key factor that affects food uptake is whether the solution is acid or alkaline. The Bluelab pH Pen also measures the temperature of the solution, as root health is vital to the success of a crop. Temperature affects the growth rate and structure of a plant so a solution temperature of 18 - 22˚C is recommended.

    • Applications: Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Floriculture, Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Industry, Pools

    • Measures pH and temperature

    • Selectable units for temperature

    • Backlit LCD display

    • Double junction probe (not replaceable)

    • Successful pH calibration indicator

    • Hold reading function

    • Low battery indicator

    • Fully waterproof

    • Auto off function 

    • Automatic temperature compensation

    • Fully waterproof

    • 1 x AAA battery included

    • 1 year guarantee for Bluelab pH Pen

    Warranty pH calibration Control range Monitoring Battery ID Vendor ID Price
    1 Year 7,0 / 4,0 / 10,0 0,0-14,0 pH pH 1 x AAA CVG02125 5010 127,80 €