BioTabs Guerilla Box

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    BioTabs™ Guerilla Box consists of Guerilla Tabs (20 tbl) and Juice (500 ml ) in one box:

    BioTabs™ Guerrilla Juice is a liquid organic growth and flowering fertiliser that stimulates a healthy soil and optimal growing conditions. It works in a harmony with the beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizae fungi, so for or optimal results, combine Guerrilla Juice with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex. It contains balanced quantities: Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.

    • NPK: 5-1-5

    • Alfalfa meal

    • Mixed molasses

    • Kali vinasse

    • Silicon oxide

    • Fine Rock particles (micronutrients)

    • 100% Certified Organic

      Instructions for use: 

      Dilute 10 ml Guerrilla Juice in 1 L of water Water the plants with solution from week 4 and then once a week

    BioTabs™ Guerrilla Tabs are slow-release organic fertiliser tablets that provide the soil with microbiological activity and also fertilising the plant. It can be used on indoor or outdoor plants, whether in containers or in-ground plants. For optimal results, combine Guerrilla Tabs with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi, such as Bactrex and Mycotrex

    • NPK: 15-7-8

    • 100% Certified Organic

    • Available: 20 tbl / 200 tbl

    • No need to adjust the PH or EC

      Instructions for use:

      It is very simple to use, just push the tablet 5 cm deep below the soil surface and water.

      4 x Tabs per 10 L container
      6 x Tabs per 20 L container
      8 x Tabs per 30 L container
      4 x Tabs per plant (In-ground)
      2 x Tabs for each 5 L of substrate