BioTabs Boom Boom Spray 250 ml

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    BioTabs™ BOOM-BOOM Spray helps the plants to overcome stress caused by cold, heat, low-levels of light, dehydration or drought.

    It will provide the plants a nitrogen boost which produces shiny, dark green leaves, especially in the growth stage. It will result in increasing the photosynthetic capacity of the plant and will stimulate the productivity and absorption of minerals. The spray is absorbed by leaves very rapidly, the first effects can be seen already after some hours.

    It can be used in combination with all other brands and fertiliser: biological, bio-mineral or chemical. It also can be used on all different kind of substrates like soil, coco and hydroponics. Hence it is an organic living product the ready solution needs to be used within 6 hours It is advised to rinse the sprayer after the use. Store in cool, dry place, out of reach of children. Please try not to overdose.

    In accordance with EU regulation 889/2008, BoomBoomSpray may be used in organic farming!

    • Bio-Stimulant

    • Anti-Stress

    • Nutritonal booster

    • 45 % Organic matter

    • 5% Organic nitrogen (N)

    • 30% Soluble peptides and plant amino acids

    • 10 % Glucides

    • 100% Organic

    • 100% Vegan

    • 5ml / 1 L of water

      Instructions for use:

      Dissolve 5ml BoomBoomSpray in 1 L of water.
      For indoor use: Spray the plants until dripping wet with a solution of 5 ml / L of water. Preferably do this just after the lights go off.
      For outdoor use: Spray the plants early in the morning.
      Mother plants: Spray the plants 2 days before of making cuttings
      Cuttings: Spray the cuttings two days after the rooting
      Re-potting: Spray the plants immediately after transplanting
      Production plants: Spray the plants once during the growth period
      Stressed plants: Spray plants once and if needed, repeat once more after 5 days