AutoPot ™ Only coloured BOX for 4Pot system

    Product ID: CVG01112
    Vendor ID: 4POT/BOX/USA

    10,80 € Retail: 10,80 € 10.8 EUR

    10,80 €


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    Size Tank Compatible with Number of Pots ID Vendor ID Price
    15 L 47 L Solid Tank 1 x 47L tank, lid & 6mm top hat grommet 1 x 6mm golf filter 4 x 6mm T-connector 2 x 6mm cross connector 2 x 6mm inline taps 4 x 1Pot trays & lids 4 x 15L pots 4 x AQUAvalve 4 x root control discs 4 x marix discs 1 x 4m of 6mm pipe 4 CVG01112 4POT/BOX/USA 10,80 €