Adjust-A-Wings HELLION 600-750W DE-HPS bulb

    Product ID: CVG00851
    Vendor ID: DE675HPS

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    80,90 €


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    Hellion DE 600-750W HPS bulb is a new product from Adjust-A-Wings. The professional horticulture UHF bulb is promising in efficiency, long service time and in a very high PAR output. 

    Japanese UHF ceramic arc tube, USA Sodium amalgam and crystal quartz jacket. Suitable to use for flowering phase.

    Luminous flux (lm) Luminous efficacy (lm/W) PPF (µmol/s) PPE (µmol/J) Colour temperature (K) CRI (Ra) Lifespan (h) ID Vendor ID Price
    91 500 - 111 300 lm 153-151 lm/W 1225-1550 µmol/s 2,05-2,10 µmol/J 2000 K 22,5-34,5 Ra8 24 000 h CVG00851 DE675HPS 40,45 €