growTOOL ® growRACK Extension-Set 40

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Product ID: CVG00426
Vendor ID: 0203

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GrowRACK Extension-Set 40 offers a six add-on construction poles to extend the height of the standard growRACK construction.

Extension-Set will fit with all GrowRACK 25 models. Poles will give extra 11 cm extension. It will create more space under the grow-table for Technics like Water-cooler growCOOL nutrient edc. It is made of light-weight square-profile (25 x 25 mm, wall 1,5 mm) corrosion-free aluminium poles.

Model Height Compatible with ID Vendor ID Price
Extension poles for GrowRACK From 29 to 40 cm GrowRACK 0,8/25 GrowRACK 1,0/25 GrowRACK 1,2/25 CVG00426 0203 23,52 €