CarbonActive PL Standard carbon filters

CarbonActive Pro-Line Standard filter base, cover and port is made from galvanised, corrosion- resistant metal. Four-layer activated carbon fleece mats provide a out-standing quality to eliminate unwanted odours and gasses. The Fleece contains very small particles of activated carbon (Ø 0,4 – 0,8 mm), which will maximise the surface of odour-neutralising particles almost 10 000 times, which will give a massive change in filtrating air. More over the fleece mats are special, because they provide almost no-release of the carbon dust.

CarbonActive filters guarantee a smaller pressure loss than conventional filters due to their innovative structure. In other words, the air flow in your system can be increased compared to an ordinary filter without having to install a larger fan. Before you purchase your filter, make sure its cubic metre (m³) capacity is 20% higher than the fan output, so You can reduce the pressure loss to a minimum and you will provide an optimal filtration efficiency.

  • 100% high-quality coconut carbon

  • Corrosion- resistant metal

  • Ecological and sustainable

  • No chemical additives

  • Easy installation with fixed hangers (included)

  • Pre-filter equipped with a Velcro fastener

  • Minimal pressure loss

  • Fleece mats provide no carbon dust release

  • 100% tight- no unfiltered air can go through

  • Layered technology- smaller and lighter filter

  • Includes M5 pre-filter fleece with a fine particle grade

  • Does not contain connections and reducers- available as a add-on product

  • Possible to fit to conventional connections and reducers

  • Max. relative humidity tolerance (< 65%)

Product TypeConnection (mm)Air-Flow Range (m³/h)Optimum Air-Flow (m³/h)Pre-FilterWeight (kg)Dimensions DxL (mm)
1000ZW 250Ø 250225 – 1000800M5 / CA PL PreFilter 100011Ø 430 x 280
1500Z 250Ø 250375 – 15001200M5 / CA PL Pre Filter 150013Ø 430 x 420
2000Z 250Ø 250500 - 20001600M5 / CA PL Pre Filter 200015Ø 430 x 600
3000Z 315Ø 315750 - 30002400M5 / CA PL Pre Filter 300017Ø 500 x 600